Going Goo Goo Gaa Gaa over dog food

Cocoa, my Golden Retriever, refuses to eat her food recently. Guess she is under TREMENDOUS stress with the new addition of 2 new friends, Troy and Hugo:

Feeling guilty for causing her the unnecessary stress I decided to go pet food shopping AGAIN. She has always been a picky eater, unlike my Old Man Labrador, Bamm Bamm: for the past 13 years, never once missed his meal.

As for Cocoa’s “condition”, I went to my lovely animal enthusiast, Johnson at Ericsson Pet Farm:

I bought both Troy and Hugo from him at Ericsson, and previously my friend Jonathon also got a Westie there.

Johnson gave me some food samples for my doggies, Embark and Force from Honest Kitchen, which Cocoa previously gobbled down within 5 minutes.

Honest Kitchen is really good! I was looking at the content and the food itself, I was amazed! Cos, I could really see what was inside the dogfood, versus the usual kibbles dry food.

Upon googling… i found its blog! – Which i feel is informative.

So this is what i got:

I think I look happier then them… haha~ so glad that i found something good for my dogs – They deserve the best…. though it is expensive ah!

Look at what the food promises:

“We use 100% organic grains, hormone/ antibiotic-free meats and non-GMO produce. All ingredients are guaranteed 100% Human Food Grade.”

I think we are both happy…

Oh and i got this really nice Canisters that came with the food to maintain freshness!

She likes it too… yum: Bamm Bamm is attacking it too!

Take a look inside:

Feeding Instructions:


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9 Responses to “Going Goo Goo Gaa Gaa over dog food”

  1. Daryl Tay Says:

    Cocoa’s gorgeous! I have a lab myself =)

  2. Deeraj Says:

    ur two new puppies looks cute haha

  3. celestephua Says:

    Not only are the Puppies cute… so are all the other doggies!

  4. nikikittenbutton Says:

    AWWWW such beeyootiful lucky little creatures! 😛

    wish i could afford “human grade food” for my dog. now i feel so bad… like i shortchanged him haha!

  5. Belle Chua Says:

    Hey Celeste, how much does the organic dog food cost?? Very $$$?

    Also, hand over your 2 husky pups or I shall go your house and steal them…hahaha!

  6. Caren Says:

    So cute…
    You’re definitely gonna have more fun with the 2 new dogs…
    So will the work to take care of them…

  7. Mokkie Says:

    … after seeing all the gross photos of raw pork @ dis site, Celeste’s doggie looks quite edible. *smacks lips*

  8. celestephua Says:


  9. Mittu Says:

    Blogwalking ..
    nice posting i found here,.. thanks for the info

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