My second trip to the wet market

Finally I am heading down to the wet market to collect my rack of Pork Chops! ….REALLY excited about it…

But before heading to collect the pork, I made a quick turn to my favorite grocer at the wet market at Geylang St 17.

I am getting cabbage, brocolli, capsicum, xiao bai cai etc… then while browsing, something caught my eyes:

According to uncle, this is called “Purple Leaves”(??) and it’s very useful in curing the condition of sorethroats. It is usually added into Barley water to boil (like how we will use Pandan leaves):

Sounds good yeah, especially with the roasted pork chop coming up, I’ll need it… Speaking of pork chops…. The pork chops i collected were simply gorgeous!!!

Got Uncle Willy to chop it into 2 racks… nice. But will only use the longer one for our roast.

Cannot wait…. Am gonna start preping. Look out for the next post!

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