Dense Chocolate Cupcakes

My passion for cooking started with baking, in fact I was very into baking – I have got a few legendary baking recipes such as Baked Philadelphia Cheese Cake, Urban Legend Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies and a yummy range of muffins… *drool*

Forgotten when was it that I stopped wanting to bake, at least not as intensively as before. There was this period when I just can’t get the recipe right…. Just not right… didn’t feel too happy about it, thought it was a SIGN (Ha~) thats why I stopped baking for a while unless during special occasions. =)

This time round I decided to make something special to thank this fantastic group of Kinematicians for the fa-ta-bu-lous World Wide Festival.

And I wanted to tell them that they were…

*You guys know you are*

The recipe is from Nigella’s How to be a Domestic Goddess and it can also be found on at Recipezaar. I modified the recipe: Instead of using loaf tin, I used muffin tray to make the cupcakes. I also cut down on the sugar as I intend to use royal icing (can be found at Phoon Huat) for the wordings.

This recipe i must say: AWESOME! The cake was light and fluffy, great texture. Good batter for cupcake variation

BTW… something hilarious….


How does it look? Keke~


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12 Responses to “Dense Chocolate Cupcakes”

  1. meiQi Says:

    nice cuppies
    aren’t we suppose to go over ur place to bake?
    we=> fiona and peeps! haa~ rmb?

  2. Mas Says:

    The cupcakes look awesome!..perhaps u shud consider selling it then just showing it…

  3. Boon Says:

    Why don’t we get it in our meetings?!

  4. celestephua Says:

    Meiqi: OH yes! Shall we arrange something?

    Mas: Ha~ I will make for you for free… then you will hel me collect orders yea.

    Boon: When i come to it, i am sure you will be stuffed with so much food that u won’t want to eat the next day!

  5. Mas Says:

    Not a problem, but i would need to try it first!

  6. celestephua Says:

    Coming your way soon!

  7. Deeraj Says:

    u betta make this for our gathering, a very uber delicious cake!!! lol

  8. celestephua Says:

    I am thinking of making chocolate chips ans cheese cookie!

  9. Belle Chua Says:

    Oh.. thanks Celeste for baking this FA-BU-LOUS CUPCAKES….I simply can “fight” with those that are sold outside on the street… Yummy!!!

  10. celestephua Says:

    Thank you babe! heehee~

  11. marilyn Says:

    celeste! teach me cupcakes!! i wanna learn from u! =p

  12. darrentoh Says:

    sweet website, amazing!! teach me more recipes leh

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