Emperor Herbal Kampong Chicken

What I love about Chinese cuisine is its core principle of delivering nourishing food that keeps the body in balance. One of my favourite is this herbal dish called, Emperor Herbal Chicken 帝皇鸡.

Preparation Time: 1 1/2 hours


  • Kampong Chicken, cleaned
  • Salt and pepper
  • Herbal Chicken Seasoning (optional)

For stock:

  • Dried Mushroom
  • 1/2 cup Chicken Stock
  • Dried Scallop

Chinese Herbs (or it can be of prepacked from super market or from Chinese medicine hall) – weigh approximately

  • 24g Huai Shan 淮山 (Radix Dioscoreae Oppositae)
  • 18g Dang Shen 党参 (Codonopsis Pilosulae)
  • 16g Yu Zhu 玉竹 (Solomon’s Seal Rhizome
  • 10g Gou Qi Zi 枸杞子 (Wolfberries)
  • 6 Hong Zao 红枣 (Red Dates)
  • 3g Chuan Gong 川芎 (Szechwan Lovage Rhizome)
  • 5g Tang Gui 当归 (Angelica Sinensis)
  • 15g Bei Qi 北芪 (Astragalus Membranaceus


Step 1) Prepare broth with Chinese herbs

Boil chicken stock first before addding soaked dried Chinese mushroom, dried scallop and washed Chinese herbs. Let boil for 5 min then set aside to cool.

Step 2) Prepare chicken – Special Thanks to the cook of the house, Eva.

I am trying out a new seasoning powder for this dish, so i will be adding it to the dish, usually i don’t use it, thus I leave the option for you to decided if you want to use this seasoning. Caution: Add only if you like strong herbal flavors.

Rub salt, pepper and seasoning on whole of chicken.

Now, its all ready to be stuffed!

Not all the herbs will fit, but you should fill the chicken till it looks like this:

For the rest of the stock and herbs, you will need to create a reservoir using the foil to fit the chicken and the herbs with stock.

Now it is ready for wrapping:

The chicken must be sealed in with at least 2 layers to prevent breakage during the cooking process.

Step 3) Cook it!

Now it is ready to cook. Put into the steamer for 1 hour plus to cook. Do not open the chicken in the midst of cooking as it will affect the eat pressure within the steaming process.

There are other options besides steaming, some can chose to prepare the roasted version at Wokking Mum. =)


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10 Responses to “Emperor Herbal Kampong Chicken”

  1. weiiiyiii Says:

    i shall remind myself to check out this site only when i’m full from a meal and not 1130 when its like supper. heh.

  2. celestephua Says:

    Ha~ Weiyi, when are we going to go for ice cream gathering again with the rest? Dee and I have been planning for Ben and Jerry’s at Demsey since like dunno when.

  3. Jansen Says:

    Do you make herbal snake soup as well? They are pretty popular in some countries. i heard the snake meat is juicier than chicken…

    nice recipe though, hehe!

  4. Belle Chua Says:

    Celeste…. my mum’s overseas in china for holiday for 1 month…
    teach me how to cook Herbal Chicken Soup!!!! I need tonic…..

    And this is for Jansen >>> for snake soup…go chinese restaurant drink..not advisable to cook your own since there’s a pre-cooking procedure of killing the SNAKE!!!

  5. celestephua Says:

    Belle: Best combination of chicken and herb for intensive nourishing is Chicken + Chinese herbs + Chicken’s Essense. Visit your nearest chinese medicine store, get them to grab a pack of herbs for tonic chicken soup (you might need to tell him what kinda “ailment/problem” so he can give you the best combi). As for the chicken, get KAMPONG chicken from the market, less fatty. The specific steps, i will post after i verify with my Mama.

    Jansen: For you, i will find that snake to kill… but i will need you to go back to double to find it, cos i don’t think i can regconise her.

  6. ZY Says:

    wow! that really looks good… i agree with weiyi lol 12 midnight is a bad time to look at this.. makes me feel hungry! wish i could cook like that too!

  7. celestephua Says:

    You know what is my favorite midnight quick and easy fix?

    Garlic Fried rice! Takes 15min to prepare! – that is if you have left over rice and eggs.

    Stir fry garlic till brown, add leftover rice, fry till the mast grains are separated and well mixed with garlic, turn up heat to max and add beaten eggs, swiftly fry and stir the rice with the frying spatula (you need to be quick). Till it is close to done, you can add soya sauce, salt, pepper and your left overs (Optional-chopped chicken bits/ham/crabmeat).

    Now, it is ready to serve: sprinkle spring onions or shredded iceberg lettuce and put on a few rounds of tomato/chilli sauce. Optional pork floss too!

  8. Lessening Says:

    Somehow i missed the point. Probably lost in translation 🙂 Anyway … nice blog to visit.

    cheers, Lessening!!

  9. yh21 Says:

    I saw in the pictures that you have 2 layers for wrapping the chicken.

    Just want to know where did you buy the “plastic wrapper” and what kind of wrapper is that ??

    Can I add DOM or Yomeishu to the recipe ?

  10. celestephua Says:

    @yh21 You can add the wine in as part of the marinate, but don’t add it while preparing the stock. Instead add into cooled premade stock.

    As for the plastic, i got it from an old marinate pack, not too sure if normal clear plastic bags will do, but, I suggest using parchment/waxed paper if u cannot find plastic that withstand high heat.

    Don’t use glad wrap, they melt.

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