Kitchen Designing Tips

There are few things that I am particular about when i cook. One of such is my kitchen. A kitchen provides me with a personal space where I work in. Thus, when it comes to designing my own kitchen, I will not allow anyone else but myself to make the decisions. I can still recall how I spent 1 whole night redrawing the ENTIRE design layout my designer proposed.

*Rosemary Ktichen tips: Use Stainless steel backing for your wall behind the stove for easy cleaning

In my kitchen i maintained some key principles:

  • Clean and Simple
  • Well-lighted with natural light
  • Good circulation of air
  • More then sufficient storage space
  • Wide aisle space
  • Large working area
  • Easy cleaning materials

*Rosemary Kitchen tips: Good work space area helps in preparation speed

Tools in the kitchen:

1) Flexible Spout Water Tap

2) 68 Litres Maxi Oven – The only oven that lets u put in 2 chickens!

3) Sharp Steam Oven – Slow to heat up but it really keeps the food moist even under roasting mode

4) Microwave – ha~ bought this when i found out the steam oven take much longer to reheat

*Rosemary Kitchen tips: Use Pull out drawers for easy access to items while saving space

Storage tips: Pull down Cover to hide appliances

Hide your condiments too!

Open up when you need them, plus it is strategically placed right beside the stove

Other sundries in the hiding as well!

*Rosemary Kitchen tips: Use racks in shallow cabinets so that you can see your items clearly

*Rosemary Kitchen tips: Deep drawers are very useful for keeping pots. Shallow drawer above for keeping pot covers

Extra working space is always handy. Specifically chose stainless steel to handling hot pans from the oven.

Other things to take note of:

  • Don’t skimp on the drawers, get good drawer systems that last, especially for pots and heavy items (electric pressure cooker, ceramic pots
  • Have more then enough storage place gives you greater flexibility in storing items. ( i moved in filling 60% of my storage, now i have filled up to 90%
  • Maximize every corner of space with good corner system

*Rosemary Kitchen tips: Don’t waste any area


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8 Responses to “Kitchen Designing Tips”

  1. ZY Says:

    wow.. your kitchen looks huge! 🙂 and wayyy neat.. lol .. lucky i never cook otherwise my mom will go crazy at how messy it’ll turn out i bet haha

  2. marilyn Says:

    but i think it’s ideal for big houses. you can’t have much of these for small apartments. =) are u intending to open an eatery or something? haha. chef celeste?

  3. celestephua Says:

    ZY: I hate cleaning up too. A trick i use is reuse to reduce! Like some plates u use to put the washed vegs can be used as a marinate bowl after a rinse. Another trick is to clean as you cook. This also reduces a lot of washing up!

    Marilyn: its not true actually, i have seen huge kitchen for smaller apartments. What they do is to turn the kitchen into a open concept, use the area closer to the window/laundry area as a wet kitchen + stove (usually induction kind) and then a big area at the front as food prep area. As for storage, they use a single wall where they have shelves behind sliding doors. It is really dependent on how the area is being laid out.. =)

    As for eatery, MY HOUSE IS ONE! We feed about 9 persons everyday for dinner! – I have a big household.

  4. Dx Says:

    Oh my God!!!

    You even have that flexible water tap! Do you wash the utensils yourself? Lol! Anyway i love that island table thingy, i think that is a must in any kitchen!

  5. celestephua Says:

    DX: I tell you, this tap is GOOD stuff! Cos it helps make cleaning much easier. Cleans from one end of the sink to the other, and one side to the other too! Strongly recommended for kitchens with sinks on the island. (BTW, mine is more like a peninsula with one end attached to the wall!)

  6. Deeraj Says:

    so how much did SHARP pay you to advertise their stuffs lol

  7. celestephua Says:

    Did i mention SHARP? I tot i said Sharp as a adjective… the oven was sharp in identifying my food’s temperature. The microwave was sharp in… er… sharp in sending out microwaves?

  8. Kimberly Says:

    Celeste Shifu,

    i really need to learn cooking from you one fine day. 🙂

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