Coming soon: The Best Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie

I made some really wicked Chocolate Chip cookies with some left over chocolate bar yesterday. It was really good. Made a few different batches, experimenting with the texture by adjusting the flour content, found a good balance for the Purrfect gooey version.

Stay tune: Recipe and tips be posted by tomorrow!

Oops… a big big blunder occurred while uploading the recipe.

Be coming on very soon…


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3 Responses to “Coming soon: The Best Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie”

  1. Disi Says:

    Tasted it today! It’s very good! Share the recipe. Lost all contact numbers when i upgraded my phone software. Can email me your number?

    Seeing your blog makes me wonder when I can have my dream kitchen too =)

  2. celestephua Says:

    Thanks babe! I added u on MSN.

    Take your time to plan your dream kitchen, start with managing the floor plan! It ain’t too difficult just need to get started! =)

  3. Boon Says:

    yeah, it was really reall GOOEY


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