How to keep dog’s breath fresh… *hint: with food*

There are many ways to keep your dog’s breath smelling fresh, one of which is to give them teeth cleaning treats – especially if you are a big lazy bum like me.

Some treats that i give them to keep them smiling and shiny:

I have been using this treat as my preferred choice of dog treat for some time. The good thing about it is its wheat free formula. Apparently many dog are allergic to wheat… plus It is not too expensive and my doggies love it! – It also keeps them busy for good few minutes.

*Bamm Bamm at the side while i was taking the shot*

This is the other brand of vege breath control treat i use while training my doggies. It is really popular with my pom, goldie and labbie, but the new huskies are not too excited about it. The other good thing about this treat is the “Urine Odor Control” formula… my garden don’t smell so much of their pee after using this treat.

*Cocoa love this brand, most of their treat smells sweet and yummy… like her!*

Greenies are also a popular dog treat at home. ALL of them love it. I give them Greenies to chew like once a week and alternate with rawhide bones. I heard from my dog food supplier rawhide also helps to clean their teeth.

*I keep them in a little airtight bucket for my easy access*

*But the pups are no fools*

*Keep the dog treats in a proper place where only u (not the dogs) have access to it! Another tip is to keep all treats in a air tight container cos it keep their food fresh and tasty.*

*All the doggies know it is doggie treat time when i open the drawer*

*… and they wont do practically anything to get the treat!*


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5 Responses to “How to keep dog’s breath fresh… *hint: with food*”

  1. Boon Says:

    rosemarydoggyblog hahahahahha!

  2. celestephua Says:

    Slurp SLurp dog blog… keke~ sounds like a good idea.

  3. onlinepetdepot Says:

    Twistix work great! And my dogs love them. I also love the fact that they are natural. I just recently got a puppy and he loves the N-bone puppy rings as well.

  4. Kimmie Says:

    The handband is soooo cute! haaa

  5. Jen V Says:

    i just give mine a piece of winterfresh

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