Egg White Beating tips

Finally being able to get my whites up and standing… doing me very proud, i share with you some learning point when it comes to egg whites

1) Make sure that your beating bowl is CLEAN. No oil, no water, nothing.

2) Your whites: keep it at room temperature first and white seperating them, take note that there is no hint of yolk

3) Add salt/lemon/cream of tar tar to help you. You can start with a pinch of salt in the whites, which helps to firm up the proteins. About a quarter-way through the beating process, you add an tartar or lemon juice to the foam, which stabilizes it and helps keep the bubbles from bursting when you stop beating. (1/8 teaspoon od tartar per egg yolk, or 2 drops of lemon/vinegar) – The quantity is important.

4) Make sure that you use a good egg beater, the beater should be close to the bottom of the bowl, about 0.5 cm and circulating to reach all of the whites.

5) A Good tip on the timing:

“…the best way to beat egg whites is with a serious stand mixer.

Next, is to add the salt and up to four whites to the bowl and beat for one minute at medium low speed. Add the acid, then beat for three minutes at high speed.

If you need to add the sugar at the end, do so and beat for an additional 15 seconds at high speed. If you’re beating five eggs or more, the first stage should take two minutes, and the second should take three to four at a slower setting (medium/medium-high).

If you’re using a hand mixer, beat the whites and salt for two minutes at medium speed, add the acid and beat for two minutes more at high speed. If you add sugar at the end, beat for 30 seconds.”

Finally: PATIENCE.

Try it out with my Pandan Chiffon Recipe!


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3 Responses to “Egg White Beating tips”

  1. Daryl Tay Says:

    You the girl lah. I can barely beat eggs. Don’t talk about just the whites!

  2. celestephua Says:

    haha~ we can work on boiling whole eggs. haha~ no beating required, gourmet on its own.

  3. Pandan Chiffon Cake - Making it right, finally « Rosemary Lambchops Says:

    […] I Do REAL Food « How to keep dog’s breath fresh… *hint: with food* Egg White Beating tips […]

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