Getting a grip

Sometimes we forget the simple things in life that keep us sane.

Been a crazy 2 years since the last post, from graduating to finding a new home and getting married, the kitchen is the only place i find peace. =)

Attempted many new dishes and had a few breakthroughs! I will release them very soon in my blog. They include:

  1. Crackling Roasted Pork Belly
  2. Funghi Risotto
  3. Caprese Salad
  4. Kimchi Chigae
  5. Vegetarian Lasagne

Am really excited!


2 Responses to “Getting a grip”

  1. YY Says:

    Hi! I stumbled upon your blog while researching on wet markets in Singapore. Just wanna say i think you’re a lovely person.. i don’t know, it’s like i can almost hear you chatting happily in your posts! Keep the food posts coming!

  2. celestephua Says:

    Thanks YY for the encouragement! =) Hope you find what you are looking for, let me know if i can help you (#^-^#)

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