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Herbs in my Garden…

May 7, 2008

So, I did get my first Basil plant, and i tell you, it ain’t easy.

I found some nice baby basil plants in Cold Storage at Vivocity =) earlier this week. I bought a pair of them back to replant, however, they didnt seem to be growing as well as i hope it to be, a day after shifting the 2 plants to a  pot, they don’t seem to happy… all slopping and “slouching”…=(

After some googling i found that 1) Basil grows well with lots of sun and 2) require little waterings, adding too much water will reduce the plant’s flavour and it also increase the possibility of white mildews to form on the plant.

To make the best out of my sloppy plant, I picked the basil to use for my dinner leaving the stem to bud with new leaves… and it looked even worst after…. *cry*

Please, dear basil, grow up strong soon!