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Coming soon: The Best Gooey Chocolate Chip Cookie

May 29, 2008

I made some really wicked Chocolate Chip cookies with some left over chocolate bar yesterday. It was really good. Made a few different batches, experimenting with the texture by adjusting the flour content, found a good balance for the Purrfect gooey version.

Stay tune: Recipe and tips be posted by tomorrow!

Oops… a big big blunder occurred while uploading the recipe.

Be coming on very soon…

Advertisements – Simply Chrissy

May 23, 2008

Amazing Chrissy!

I simply love visiting Chrissy’s site. Every time i enter the site, I will like… my.. that looks so good! This time round, Mother is on Food and Travel mag… nice one!

A little background on Chrissy’s baby – Mother started off as a passion, Chrissy’s passion to cook for someone she loves. The effort behind cooking is nothing compared to the smile it brings to the person she loves. So to share what she believes, Mother’s concept of bringing food with love to the table is formed. You can actually read all about how Chrissy started at her Blog!

It can be seen as a food express service, but instead off simply delivering to you makans, it brings you fresh ingredients for you to make a gorgeous meal for your loved ones. All the recipes are fresh, nutritious and definitely TASTY. Like i always tell my friends, nothing taste better then real home cooked fresh food. Now with services that Mother provides, everything is literally at your finger tips. Love and care is just a click away.

All order comes in a lovely package that is meticulously design and packed by Chrissy. Above that, other services like Mother’s Table, a catering service, helps you share good food with friends and family. So give Chrissy a buzz, she will solve all your food woes with LOVE!