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Yummy, Ah Mah is the best!

May 9, 2008

Ah Mah makes the best Nor Hiang…

Why does Ah mah’s cooking always taste better then mum’s(mum will fume at this comment) even though the recipe and all is the same… WHY?

My Ah mah’s Nor Hiang is legendary, everyone who have tasted cannot help but say, “This is good stuff!”. Amidst of all the new fusion and cuisine we see in food courts and restaurants, i cannot help but take a step back to appreciate the home cooked food of the older generation.

The flavors are simple and basic, but it never fails to conjure up a strong feelings of familiarity and memories of our childhood.

Old Skool…

The next dish that my Grandma would claim as her greatest pride and glory: BAH ZHANG – Glutinous Rice Dumpling! My Ah Mah’s Bah Zhang… is WICKED in every single sense. It is so good that the there are numerous occasion where I get friends coming forward for recipes!

One occasion was a request from a Chef from a Japanese restaurant I parttimed at, Peter-san, lets just say the Bah zhang blew him away.

On another occasion, when i brought the Bah Zhang to my manager, Joseph, at my internship, he requested for more so that he can bring it back to “dissect” and replicate the Bah Zhang with his wife and mother-in-law… Ha~

Quoting my Grandma, “the liao (filling) must be bah bah (really full), then will the bah zhang be moist”… Well i say, ITS LOVE that makes the difference.

Mu Mum said it best, a dish that is made with love for someone will never be boring or bland.

*For receipe, please contact me directly* =)