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Wanna save money? Get Dirty.

May 5, 2008

I have decided, I will grow my own herbs.

Though food prices in Singapore are generally inexpensive especially with affordable alternatives such as the lovely neighborhood wet markets, messy but well stocked Sheng Siong (mass market pricing supermarket) and good value neighborhood supermarkets (NTUC Fairprice and Shop n Save), I am not the only person complaining about how my dollar shrank, we are all feeling the pain with the rising food cost.

Personally, I do real food. I cook most of my food from scratch as much as possible as I like my food wholesome with lots of herbs. And, yes my favourite dish is Rosemary Lambchops, in fact, I love using herbs for all the dishes i make! But, fresh herbs don’t come cheap in Singapore.

Besides the basic but gorgeous Asian herbs you get in the wet market which is generally inexpensive, the other place you can find decent herbs for European cuisine is in Cold Storage, the mid-range to high-end super market. Each pack of them cost me about S$2 to S$3, which is considered expensive, especially when I consume a lot of it each time I cook.

Thus, to help myself financially, I’m going back to basic: bring food to table with herbsfrom my own garden!