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Beggar Lampchops

May 9, 2008

The best lambchops I have ever tasted is from Iggy’s. Though you might comment that, for the price i pay over there, it is only expected that they serve very good lambchops, you are so wrong.

I have gone around trying different versions of Lambchops, the commendable ones are at Senso on Club Street and maybe Pete’s Place at Hyatt (And mind you, they aren’t at the very affordable range). Both tender and very very palatable but none left the impressions as deep as Iggy’s.

The lambchops was part of Iggy’s 9 course tasting menu, and thus the portion served was not as big as the mains from other other restaurants, but the small serving was more then enough for me to truly understand the term “infused with rosemary”. The flavor of the meat was explosive. At the first bite, i the perfect fusion of the meat’s sweetness with the sharpness of rosemary rounded smoothly my palate. Simply unforgettable.

Till date, after numerous tries i have yet to be able to replicate the recipe. I tried marinating for 2 days… nope, it didn’t work, I tried frying it with rosemary infused oil… it didn’t work too… and i did try to poke the rosemary leaves in… nope… didn’t work.

It then took me some time to figure out another method to infuse the flavor intensely into the meat – the Begger Chicken method… The idea evolves around sealing the moisture of the meat and the seasoning within the meat using a dough as a barrier.

Will be trying it out later tonight and will update you on the good news. *keeping fingers cross*