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The relationship between ab crunches and your appetite

May 6, 2008

Just a quick post at the gym…

2 different types of body reaction i noticed after doing many crunches,

  1. The extra blood flowing to the tummy seem to make me feel hungry almost immediately after… (or am I hallucinating?)
  2. After a good shower, when you are all ready to refuel, Your tummy feels the extra oomph (or pain)… eventually, your appetite lessen and you feel fuller faster

A quick google of “ab crunches” and “appetite” returned nothing except for topics circulating around “How to compensate for last night big appetite”. However, i did find a good pdf, Ten ways to curb your appetite.

In it i saw TIP #5: Don’t get too tired, apparently insufficient sleep screw up the hunger and appetite hormones, which i guess is a terrible habit among most young adults and students. Our stressful daily life and irregular sleeping patterns seem to be screwing up our appetite; we either become absent minded binge-r or the unwilling solo meal-ers. Sad to say, both is just as bad as in both occasions we stop enjoying food as much as we should.

Anyways, back to ab crunches and appetite, imaginary or not, some research on my side says that exercising up to one hour actually has a blunting effect on appetite… So perhaps it is a combination of everything.

… Back to the ab bench.