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Torres Celeste~

May 8, 2008

Ok, how often do you find a wine named after you?

I tried asking around, and nope i have not heard any… except for…

Yes, CELESTE. That my name and with the “E”. I love this wine. Clean is what i would use to describe this wine. Though medium bodied, the wine is round and smooth on the palate, leaving a clean and silky finish. Yum! You have gotta try it!

Apparently this wine is made from the grape is grown on the highlands and is called Celeste because it is special and “close” to the stars… The grape type is Tempranillo which is a black grape, typical to its native Spanish origin is usually with plum and raspberry on the nose.

You can find this wine at Barworks in Chinatown Point. I love Chinatown, you can find everything there… which i will uncover later with you.

I am getting myself a whole crate of it!